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Qosmio DX730 and Win8 - touch screen does not work
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Qosmio DX730 and Win8 - touch screen does not work
Posted: 23-Dec-2012 06:24
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My wife's parents purchased a Toshiba Qosmio DX730 (PQQ11A model). They recently upgraded to Windows 8 and the touch screen now does not work.

The problem is missing drivers (the monitor driver is reporting as a Generic PnP Monitor).

I went to the Toshiba site and selected the driver downloads for the appropriate model and installed a number of drivers, including the recommended NVidia display drivers. There are no drivers on that site that seem to install support for the Toshiba touch screen monitor.

Are there no Windows 8 drivers available for this model? If not, is there another solution? If so, where can I find them. Any help very much appreciated as they have a nice computer and purchased Windows 8 so they could use it with the touch features.


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Re: Qosmio DX730 and Win8 - touch screen does not work
Posted: 02-Jan-2013 08:40   in response to: meetpi in response to: meetpi
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On the Toshiba EU driver page you can find the Win 8 drivers.
As far as I know you need to install the Toshiba display driver to get the touch function working properly.

I found this driver.
Please check if you can install this:
Win 8 TouchScreen Software for Qosmio DX730

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Re: Qosmio DX730 and Win8 - touch screen does not work
Posted: 02-Jan-2015 11:15   in response to: Paolo30 in response to: Paolo30
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Dear all,

I have the same problem with LX830 on windows 8.

I cannot find proper driver to return back my touch screen after that Nvidia Display driver
Display Driver
nVidia Windows 8 - 64 Bit

Could zou please assist?
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