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Portege M100 - Toshiba Utilities setup hangs
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Permlink Replies: 3 - Pages: 1 - Last Post: 02-Sep-2010 09:24 Last Post By: PauPau

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Portege M100 - Toshiba Utilities setup hangs
Posted: 01-Sep-2010 18:29
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I have a Portege M100 (prob M100-112) that has been "hacked" about by its previous owner and I am trying to re-install all the tools and drivers.

In particular I want to upgrade the BIOS to v1.50 (from 1.30).

The BIOS upgrade tool (windows) complains that the common modules are not installed, but when I attempt to install the common modules the installer just hangs with no user interface visible and no errors.

I have re-installed all the items before it in the recommended order - but no luck :-(

Any help and constructive help welcom

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Re: Toshiba Utilities setup hangs
Posted: 01-Sep-2010 19:45   in response to: softfoot in response to: softfoot
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Constructive help?
What else you can get on this forum? ;)

Hi Dave

I don’t know which installation order you have used and what items you have installed before but fact is that “Common modules” must be installed at first before you start to install other Toshiba tools and utilities.

I presume you try to install WXP so here is the full installations order:

Chipset Driver
Display Driver
Sound Driver
Network Driver
Modem Driver
Wireless Network Driver
Atheros Client Utility
Cisco Aironet Client Utility
Infrared Driver
Common Modules
Power Management
Button Controls
User`s Manual
DVD Player
Bluetooth Stack
Display Device Change Utility
DVD-RAM Driver Software
Mobile Extension
Skins for Windows Media Player
SD Memory Card Format
SD Secure Module
Wireless Hotkey Utility
Hotkey for Display Devices
Sun Java Runtime Environment
Management Console

Have you used this order?
Do you try to install THIS common modules?


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Registered: 01/09/10
Re: Toshiba Utilities setup hangs
Posted: 01-Sep-2010 23:10   in response to: xaver in response to: xaver
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Yes, that was the order in the text file in the download area that I followed.

Yes, that is the version of the file I attempted to install.

It unzipped OK, so the download was successful - but the setup.exe just hangs, no error messages not even a splash screen.


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Re: Toshiba Utilities setup hangs
Posted: 02-Sep-2010 09:24   in response to: softfoot in response to: softfoot
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From my experience it should not be difficult to install the Common Modules.
There is no magic installation instruction; execute exe file and follow instruction on the screen.
If common module from Toshiba European driver page cannot be installed then I recommend checking the software from Toshiba US page:

If software from both pages will not work, then it’s Windows OS issue and I think you should reinstall the OS firstly before trying again…

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