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Satellite P300-156 - Can't find mouse and display driver for Windows 7
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Permlink Replies: 2 - Pages: 1 - Last Post: 17-Jul-2010 11:29 Last Post By: Xardas

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Satellite P300-156 - Can't find mouse and display driver for Windows 7
Posted: 17-Jul-2010 10:24

I have just recently upgraded my Satellite P300-156 Laptop from Vista to Windows 7 32bit (I am not particularly computer literate and had no idea that this wonderful new operating system might not run properly on modern laptops).

Have had a nightmare, as when starting the computer the screen is oversized and the mouse and keyboard don't work. It is a bit intermittent - occasionally it does work. I have had long conversations and numerous scans done by Microsoft and it now appears that the problem is the drivers are not loading up correctly. When we looked at the Device Manager we could see little yellow Exclamation marks (bangs as he called them) bext to the Display Drivers and the Mouse and Other Pointing Device Drivers.

My Windows engineer had a look on this website and could not locate a driver for the Mouse and Other Pointing Devices. Does anybody know if there is one out there? I cannot believe I may not be able to utilise Windows 7 on this laptop and may have to go back to the agony of using Vista. It seems crazy.

Hope somebody may be able to help.

Many thanks.

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Re: Cannot find a Mouse Driver for my P300-156 which is now running Windows 7
Posted: 17-Jul-2010 10:31   in response to: Deborah23 in response to: Deborah23

You should try Vista 32 bit touchpad, as I know, most of them compatible with win 7. If it doesn't help you, you can try from other Satellite models:
Toshiba drivers

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Re: Satellite P300-156 - Can't find mouse and display driver for Windows 7
Posted: 17-Jul-2010 11:29   in response to: Deborah23 in response to: Deborah23
Hi Deborah23,

As far as I know Satellite P300-156 belongs to PSPC4E series. So I have checked official Toshiba website and I can’t find Windows 7 32bit drivers. Now you have to options:

1.You try Vista 32bit drivers as Jeka wrote. From my own experience I can say that the most Vista drivers also work on Windows 7 so it’s worth a try!!!

2.You try Windows 7 32bit drivers from other P300 models. That means if you search without model number, you can find all Windows 7 32bit drivers. Maybe they work on your model too because the most P300 models are similar:
http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers
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