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Qosmio DX735-D3660 won't turn on
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Permlink Replies: 2 - Pages: 1 - Last Post: 28-Mar-2012 11:24 Last Post By: Lachbrim

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Qosmio DX735-D3660 won't turn on
Posted: 28-Mar-2012 11:10
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I bought a brand new Toshiba DX735-D3660 All In One from the States and got it sent to Australia, it arrived last night and I went to turn it on but it simply comes up with "PC" then "No Signal".

I have the Power Cord connected to an adapter as it says the input can handle up to 240V (AUS Output level). I had a tech guy come look at it today and he tested the Volts and they came up as 19V and then dropped out, he said the solution was to go and buy a new AC Adapter.

I did, and it still hasn't solved the problem.
The new AC Adapter has an output of 19V and a max of 7.5A, so it should be fine.

It is still coming up with "PC" then "No Signal", the power light is amber then flashes white once turned on then goes back to amber. There is no sound coming from the computer so it doesn't appear to be starting at all.

Any solutions would be great!



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Re: Qosmio DX735-D3660 won't turn on
Posted: 28-Mar-2012 11:20   in response to: Lachbrim in response to: Lachbrim
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Usually the AC adaptors are made for international usage, mean that the same AC adaptor should work world wide. The power input is mostly 100-240V
In some cases you will need a adapter to plug the power cord into the wall socket but this depends on the country or region…

In your case it does not seems to be an AC adaptor issue since the power light flashes.
Possibly the hardware is affected… so I think an technician should check this… you could also call the dealer to get an replacement.

Good luck

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Registered: 28/03/12
Re: Qosmio DX735-D3660 won't turn on
Posted: 28-Mar-2012 11:24   in response to: Paolo30 in response to: Paolo30
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Cheers, any idea what piece of hardware could cause such a fault? Have another technician coming tomorrow, hopefully this guy will be more willing to check inside as the other guy today said he simply wouldn't feel confident opening it up and that I should take it to toshiba direct, but because it wasn't covered under warranty I'm a bit afraid of what toshiba I'll charge to fix.

Had the plug and adapter set up on there so should be fine in terms of power. Also got the extra transformer now.
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