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Can't boot my Qosmio - RSC Server is not available
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Can't boot my Qosmio - RSC Server is not available
Posted: 05-Mar-2012 01:56
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first my Qosimo was turning itself off all thetime

Finally it did it while I was liked to the internet

Now when I try to boot it tell me that the RSC Server is not available and doesn't allow me to login

I tried bootingit insafe mode but get tothe same point
Why is it looking for an internet sevrer

How do i get around this so it boots again?


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Re: Can't boot my Qosmio notebook
Posted: 05-Mar-2012 07:16   in response to: DJC in response to: DJC
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Can you please tell us which notebook model do you have?
I want to know because I would like to know if you have some older model.

On this virtual way it is not easy to say why your notebook switches off. Do you think it can be overheating issue or something else?

In my opinion you should do a cut and don’t waste your time searching for way to get OS working properly. Maybe is time for clean OS installation. Use original Toshiba recovery disc and reinstall OS. After doing this you will have clean preinstalled OS and test functionality with “factory settings”.

It will be interesting to know if this shut down issues will continue or not.

What do you think about that?

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Re: Can't boot my Qosmio - RSC Server is not available
Posted: 05-Mar-2012 09:03   in response to: DJC in response to: DJC
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I searched a little bit in Microsoft knowledge base about similar error messages and got this page:

It describes the error “The RPC server is unavailable" error message when you open Disk Management in Windows XP”

Not sure if this describes exactly your problem, but according to the MS doc, this problem occurs because of a mismatch in the computer name and the name that the RPC service expects.

Possibly the computer name has been changed in some way…
I think an 3rd party software (business application???) installed on your notebook requires and uses the RPC server or process and this might cause this error.

If you are not able to use and to boot the old preinstalled system, then a new installation would be recommended… I think this would be the easiest solution since the safe mode does not work too….
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