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Portege R830 - Windows won't start after I install Comodo Firewall
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Permlink Replies: 1 - Pages: 1 - Last Post: 23-Jul-2011 08:31 Last Post By: Xardas

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Portege R830 - Windows won't start after I install Comodo Firewall
Posted: 23-Jul-2011 02:11
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Good afternoon,

I purchased today a Portege R830, and after the Windows configuration was over, the first program I installed was the popular free firewall Comodo. After I rebooted, Windows 7 wouldn't start anymore. It would get stuck on the user login screen and I know it's a problem with the firewall because if I make a system restore to the restore point created by the firewall installer, the windows will start again.

So I ask if there is any incompability between the firewall and some software on the Toshiba. Has anyone ever had this problem? I've been trying to solve this issue all day long with no results. I even re-installed Windows 7 using the Toshiba recovery and the issue persists. I really love Comodo, and I want this firewall on my laptop, but Windows just won't start!

Any help would be very apreciated.

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Re: Portege R830 - Windows won't start after I install Comodo Firewall
Posted: 23-Jul-2011 08:31   in response to: jillefsky in response to: jillefsky
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Hi jillefsky,

Have you disabled the Windows firewall before you started with Comodo firewall installation? As far as I know Portege R830 is delivered with preinstalled McAfee security software and you should remove this program before you install any other security tools.

Generally speaking this issue has nothing to do with Toshiba and it’s recommendable to contact Comodo directly. Maybe they know about this issue so they can give you a proper answer.

But I don’t understand why this program is so important for you. Windows has already an internal firewall so such programs are not necessary in my opinion. Just install a good antivirus program like AntiVir and activate automatic Windows updates. That’s all!
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