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NB520 - Upgrade to 4GB RAM
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Permlink Replies: 2 - Pages: 1 - Last Post: 13-Jul-2011 00:26 Last Post By: toshiko_1

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NB520 - Upgrade to 4GB RAM
Posted: 10-Jul-2011 20:10
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I gave a try to upgading NB520 memory to 4GB (I read the manual, I know it says maximun 2GB), just in case.
Sorry to say it didn't boot. It is not a materof windows 32bit or 64bit because BIOS (1.5 and 1.9) got stuck before passing control to windows.
Module used was KINGSTON 1066 CL7:

I read somewhere somebody was using 4GB on a NB.
Did someone tried 4GB?. Is it really working ?
Any BIOS trick for making it work?

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Re: NB520 - Upgrade to 4GB RAM
Posted: 12-Jul-2011 02:04   in response to: toshiko_1 in response to: toshiko_1
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The Intel Atom CPU is not capable of 4GB, there is no way around it.

I think you were thinking of the AMD Hudson platform (NB550D) which may be capable of 4GB.

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Re: NB520 - Upgrade to 4GB RAM
Posted: 13-Jul-2011 00:26   in response to: Akuma in response to: Akuma
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Thanks Akuma.
Actually it is all very confusing to me, while Intel specs say:
Max Memory Size 2GB (dependent on memory type)


(Don't know what they mean by "depending on memory type")

Seamicro produces a multiprocessor based on N570 where each one can handle 4GB.



That's why i thought it's a toshiba BIOS limitation.
Or perhaps Intel makes several product lines of N570.
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