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Portege R700 BIOS supervisor password
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Permlink Replies: 3 - Pages: 1 - Last Post: 04-Dec-2010 18:01 Last Post By: PauPau

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Portege R700 BIOS supervisor password
Posted: 04-Dec-2010 10:46

I'm the happy owner of a R700, at least until now.
This morning, I'd try to protect my laptop with a boot password.
So i set up a supervisor password and restarted my computer.
It has two downsides :
First of all, there is no boot password required and secondly if I push the F2 key at the boot sequece, the comuter imediately restart...

How can i enter the BIOS again and how to set up a boot password ?
And, if it's possible, how to set up a fingerprint password at boot time ?

Thank you very much,

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Re: Portege R700 BIOS supervisor password
Posted: 04-Dec-2010 13:14   in response to: sebstein in response to: sebstein

Try to press ESC and then F1 in order to access the BIOS.
There you can change or delete the User and Supervisor password.

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Re: Portege R700 BIOS supervisor password
Posted: 04-Dec-2010 14:42   in response to: PauPau in response to: PauPau
When i press ESC and then F1, i get the boot screen with a blinking text saying "F2 Setup Utility".
So I press F2 and them my computer restart again...

I can't acces the BIOS anymore... :s

Please help me !

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Re: Portege R700 BIOS supervisor password
Posted: 04-Dec-2010 18:01   in response to: sebsteinNew in response to: sebsteinNew
Check the Toshiba SetupHW Utility.
This should be preinstalled on your notebook.
As far as I know you can delete and change the Supervisor and user password usign the Toshiba Password Utility as well.

User password:
Start -> All Programs -> Toshiba -> Utilities -> Password Utility

To change Supervisor Password you will need to use the TOSPU.exe
This can be find in C:\Program Files\Toshiba\Password Utility\TOSPU.exe

This utility lets you set, delete or change supervisor password and specify restrictions for general users.

Please also check the user manual page 138!!!
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