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Dynadock U10 display problems
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Permlink Replies: 2 - Pages: 1 - Last Post: 09-Nov-2010 15:39 Last Post By: colindgael

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Dynadock U10 display problems
Posted: 09-Nov-2010 10:20
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There seems to be a conflict between the Dynadock and Apple usb drivers. As soon as I connect my iPhone to the USB on my laptop or the Dynadock the monitor that is connected to the dynadock constantly goes black with a slow refresh of the screen content as the mouse is moved over the screen. This happens every few minutes while the iPhone is connected.

I have downloaded all the latest drivers and software and am currently running 5.4 on a Windows 7 64 bit laptop. Is anyone else experiencing similar issues or can anyone suggest a workaround/fix other than not plugging in the phone?



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Re: Dynadock U10 display problems
Posted: 09-Nov-2010 15:14   in response to: colindgael in response to: colindgael
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Interesting posting.
Have you noticed this behaviour with any other external USB device when you connect it to Dynadock U10?

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Re: Dynadock U10 display problems
Posted: 09-Nov-2010 15:39   in response to: Dr.Lamp in response to: Dr.Lamp
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When I first setup the Dynadock I thought the problem was just down to the windows 7 beta drivers as I always had my phone connected. I only noticed it was fine without the phone connected when I got a plug in charger for the phone so it was no longer connected to the laptop.

Sure enough when I connected the phone again the problem re-appeared immediately. This is the only device that seems to cause the problem and it doesn't matter whether it is connected to the laptop directly or through the USB hub on my monitors or the Dynadock.

I keep updating to the latest drivers in the hope that it would be fixed but that has been a few releases now so thought I would post on here to see if there are others experiencing the same issue.
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