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Wireless connection keeps failing
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Permlink Replies: 1 - Pages: 1 - Last Post: 23-Sep-2009 15:34 Last Post By: MisterX

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Wireless connection keeps failing
Posted: 23-Sep-2009 12:49
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I've just bought a new notebook.

The problem I have is the wireless keeps cutting off. I think its something to do with the Config Free software which was installed on it. I can connect using the fancy config free stuff but the connection will just go every ten minutes or so. Using the normal windows wireless conection tools which lists your wireless setting it says I'm not connected to my wireless but if I try to click on it it says I'm disconecting from it. I think that what happens is that the normal windows wireless attempts to connect every once in a whilse and this disconnects me from the config free connection. At the bottom right the normmal wireless ico says not connected and the config free one says it is connected. When the dialog box pops up and says "cannot conntect to your prefered network" it cuts off my connection.

Help! This is driving me nuts, if I thought that I could just delete config free and use normal windows stuff then I would but disabling it left me with no internet at all and I'm afraid of deleting drivers or something important.

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Re: Wireless connection keeps failing
Posted: 23-Sep-2009 15:34   in response to: kcmartell in response to: kcmartell
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Maybe someone could provide some solution to you issue but I doubt this would be possible without knowing the right notebook model and the preinstalled operating system…

Furthermore I don’t understand why you use Configfree to establish the WLan connection… you can use this tool for diagnostic proposes… but if you want to establish the WLan connection then I recommend using Windows own WLan settings or the Intel ProSet Utility (if Intel WLan card) or Atheros Wlan Utility (if Atheros WLan card.)

PS: Update the WLan driver if possible...
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