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A software for battery calibration for M40X-112
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Permlink Replies: 6 - Pages: 1 - Last Post: 21-Jun-2005 10:02 Last Post By: Joao

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A software for battery calibration for M40X-112
Posted: 09-Jun-2005 23:16

I wonder if there's any software for baterry calibration for my M40X-112.
I know many laptops have this feature, usually in the BIOS. Unfortunately I don't see this neither in BIOS nor in installed WinXP Home.

Can anybody help me?
Thank you in advance.

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Re: A software for battery calibration for M40X-112
Posted: 12-Jun-2005 15:30   in response to: tomeekh in response to: tomeekh

every Toshiba Notebook has the Toshiba Power Saver tool which is related to battery calibration!
This tools is installed with the Recovery CD or you can install it from your Tools & Utilities CD!

At https://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com you will find in the driverdownload section a current version of the Power Saver!


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Re: A software for battery calibration for M40X-112
Posted: 12-Jun-2005 18:14   in response to: Bob77 in response to: Bob77
Ok, I have got this programm, of course. But you can't make a baterry calibration with this software, can you?
By the baterry calibration I understand a procedure, where baterry is charged to 100%, and then it is slowly discarged by the notebook (usually in the BIOS mode). In the meantime the baterry characteristics is recorded, so laptop "knows" its baterry exactly. This is an important procedure, especially when baterry is weaker - therefore laptop does not stop when the baterry level is at e.g. 50%.

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Re: A software for battery calibration for M40X-112
Posted: 15-Jun-2005 22:03   in response to: tomeeh in response to: tomeeh
Is it normal that the Display shuting down if the batterie goes under 25% Percent? I thought befor the laptop is shuting down there is a message...

best regurds

Lynn Bayer

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Re: A software for battery calibration for M40X-112
Posted: 16-Jun-2005 09:08   in response to: Lynny in response to: Lynny

If your unit is preinstalled with Toshiba recovery CD you can find a tool called “Toshiba Power Saver”. This tool is created to help you making a lot of different settings. This tool show you the actual power source, battery remaining and battery life in standby.

You can start this tool clicking on TPS icon in control panel. Please check both tabs especially “Setup action” tab because there you can find a Setup alarm settings and there is also possible to choose the right action after alarm.

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Re: A software for battery calibration for M40X-112
Posted: 20-Jun-2005 18:34   in response to: tomeekh in response to: tomeekh

I have some problems with my Tecra 8200. My battery works till aproximately 60 percent and then my laptop just hard stops. I have two batterys with both the same problem. My question is how to re-calibrate the battery usage. I can't find anything in the system BIOS nor in the power saver utility. I am looking for a solution for almost half a year now and I am really diappointed about finding totaly nothing while I am a network administrator.

Hope you men could help,

kind regards Hans

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Re: A software for battery calibration for M40X-112
Posted: 21-Jun-2005 10:02   in response to: 6457 in response to: 6457
Hi Hans

Sorry but I have no explanation about that. If you can not find any solution on your own why you don’t contact service partner and ask them what the problem can be.

Sometimes the battery level may show an incorrect reading. In this case it is recommended to reinstall the power management software. If you want check the Toshiba download site and try to reinstall the latest version for your notebook model.
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