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Libretto 70CT and Windows 2000
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Registered: 18/04/05
Libretto 70CT and Windows 2000
Posted: 18-Apr-2005 09:02
I have just installed windows 2000 on my Libretto 70CT, all went OK but the display is only in 16 colour mode. In hardware devices no driver has been recognised, and there doesn't seem to be one on the Toshiba website, are there any other drivers you can use or is there one for win2000????



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Re: Libretto 70CT and Windows 2000
Posted: 19-Apr-2005 10:11   in response to: Nickboon in response to: Nickboon
Hi Nick

This small unit is not supported for Windows 2000 and that is reason why you can not find suitable driver.

The only thing that I found out is that Libretto 70CT has “Chips & Technology F65550” graphic card. Try to find a driver on the net. Sorry but I have no more information for you.

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Re: Libretto 70CT and Windows 2000
Posted: 20-Apr-2005 13:13   in response to: Horwath in response to: Horwath

I found a support site from Chips & Technology from Asiliant.
There are is also a good driver support for the F65550 chip.


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