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Portege M200 - Windows Xp installation issue - BSOD
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Portege M200 - Windows Xp installation issue - BSOD
Posted: 26-Feb-2008 22:49
I recently got 2 Portege M200 laptops but the previous users had wiped the harddrive's.
So now im trying to install windows Xp through the externel cd-rom drives that came with it.
But when its loading up the windows Xp cd it gives me a BSOD somewhere near the end of loading up the CD ( it always stops at "Setup starting windows" ).

Now i thought this might be a harddrive problem so i got a brandnew harddrive but it still didnt work (this problem exists on both laptops).

Now im wondering if theres some kind of special installation process or something of the sort for the M200?

I hope someone can help me with my problem.
Thanks.... Dg

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Re: Portege M200 - Windows Xp installation issue - BSOD
Posted: 01-Mar-2008 19:50   in response to: Dg1000 in response to: Dg1000
Hi mate,

which version of Windows XP do you try to install? Windows XP Pro or Tablet edition? Do you have the recovery available? If yes, then you should use it :)

Otherwise you should check if there could be maybe something with that tablet thing. It´s just a hint so I am sorry that I don´t have a real good solution...

Good luck

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Re: Portege M200 - Windows Xp installation issue - BSOD
Posted: 01-Mar-2008 22:50   in response to: Dg1000 in response to: Dg1000
On this forum this issue is discussed many times, when you use the search function you will find the solution, but I will help you to make a start :

unfortunately this is the normal problem, when you want to install XP on a portege from a 'normal' installation CD

It is due to the fact that the installation-CD of XP doesn't contain the proper drivers for your external CD-rom drive ; the result is a kind of 'looping' and the installation will abort ; So you will have to load these drivers from a diskette in the FDD with the proper ( freecom ) drivers

the 'first' part of the installation is no problem, because the bios does recognize your CD-rom and a apparently normal installation-procedure will start-up, untill.... it needs the files on the CD-rom again

The solution is to do the installation in a DOS-environment :

start-up with a bootdisk W98 ( you can download one easily ), then run fdisk and format your HD to fat32
Than copy the entire "I386"-directory from the XP install-CD to your HD and start "winnt" in that directory
During the installation-procedure, use the "convert to NTFS" command

more info you can see in this topic : Portege R100 will not boot from CD
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