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Satellite Pro keeps suddenly shutting down!
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Permlink Replies: 3 - Pages: 1 - Last Post: 22-Jan-2008 09:35 Last Post By: Silas

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Satellite Pro keeps suddenly shutting down!
Posted: 08-Dec-2007 12:28
My laptop keeps suddenly shutting down - and not restarting.
It happens esp if I try to do a Mcafee scan - when it gets to a file '1386' in the C: drive it shuts down! (but it has also shut down at other times).
I have defragged it and cleaned up cookies etc. There is about 50% left on hard drive and although 4 years old and a bit slow its otherwise been a good Satelite Pro laptop.

Any ideas? Ah its driving me nuts!!!!!

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Re: Satellite Pro keeps suddenly shutting down!
Posted: 09-Dec-2007 11:13   in response to: vivdawes in response to: vivdawes
Just a question: which model do you have exactly? Would be really interesting..

Regarding your problem:

Please backup all your important data and perform a recovery of your system. If your problem is really software related then the recovery (reinstallation) of your system should resolve the error and your system should work flawlessly again.

Please, give some more information about your system, programs, etc.. because it´s hard to help someone only with the error message and without any background information..


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Re: Satellite Pro keeps suddenly shutting down!
Posted: 09-Dec-2007 22:03   in response to: JohnnyS in response to: JohnnyS
It's a Satellite A10 series. It came with XP and I don't have the disc so would not be able to reinstall that.
It is mainly used for the internet and emails, watching DVDs and listening to music.

Its ok I have found my XP disc that came with it so could do a reinstallation. How do I do that then please?

It has Office and a few other programs such as Win Media and Quicktime, etc,
Any other info you need?

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Re: Satellite Pro keeps suddenly shutting down!
Posted: 22-Jan-2008 09:35   in response to: vivdawes in response to: vivdawes
Suddenly shutting down can be also because of overheating. Usually when runs some CPU or graphic intensive application the hardware can get critical temperature level and simply switches off.

I am pretty sure that after some time you can start your notebook again. It is pretty old notebook model and it is time for cleaning. I really can not say if this has something to do with preinstalled stuff.
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