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Playback device deleted on Satellite A100
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Permlink Replies: 2 - Pages: 1 - Last Post: 05-Sep-2007 09:42 Last Post By: Jack Black

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Playback device deleted on Satellite A100
Posted: 01-Sep-2007 09:35
Hi, my wife accidentally deleted the playback device and although the soundcard is still there and working fine (according to Device Manager), I can't work out how to get the computer (A100 PSAANE) to make any sound! The Playback Devices screen says "No audio devices are installed", and the volume icon on the taskbar has a red x, and says "No audio output device is installed".

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Re: Playback device deleted on Satellite A100
Posted: 01-Sep-2007 21:02   in response to: HughPotter in response to: HughPotter

I think the best way to fix that little mistake is to backup all data and recover your machine since if you try to tinker something ín your system you won´t have any success.

Just do it and enjoy the sound again after recovering your machhine.

Jack Black

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Re: Playback device deleted on Satellite A100
Posted: 05-Sep-2007 09:42   in response to: DennisFarina in response to: DennisFarina

I wonder how you wife did manage to remove an “playback device” ?:|
Who knows…?

Before you will start the whole OS restore procedure, I would recommend removing the “sound card” from the device manger.
Then perform a new reboot on the computer. In such case the Windows OS should recognize the new device and the sound card should be installed again.

Then go to the sound & audio devices in control panel!
Check if all controls are activated.

If it does not help you could try to restore the OS to the early time point using the Windows system restore tool.
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