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HDD ATA Password question on Portege S100
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Permlink Replies: 3 - Pages: 1 - Last Post: 04-Jul-2007 13:11 Last Post By: zarren

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HDD ATA Password question on Portege S100
Posted: 02-Jul-2007 18:52
Hey guy

Just wanted to ask a quick question. I've owned a Toshiba portege S100 laptop for about 18 months and it had a hard life lol constantly on and a few coffee stains etc. Unfortuantly it kicked the bucket the other week, so I have gone out and got myself a new toshiba laptop :)

My problem is that I cant gain access to my hdd? It had a HDD password that I set and now I cannot unlock it. I have tryed several tools to unlock the dam thing and wil it unlock NOOOO!!! Now I am a unhappy man because all my work was on there.

I have a tool that has several options on the HDD unlock utility? It asks for a identifier and a Fill Char? I was wondering if anybody can help me?

TY in advance


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Re: HDD ATA Password question on Portege S100
Posted: 03-Jul-2007 15:29   in response to: zarren in response to: zarren

Unfortunately… if the HDD password was set and if you don’t know the password you will be not able to unlock the HDD.

In my knowledge the HDD password can be deleted only from the BIOS and any other HDD unlock utilities will not work.

In my opinion there is nothing to do buddy :(

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Re: HDD ATA Password question on Portege S100
Posted: 03-Jul-2007 16:08   in response to: Jaba in response to: Jaba

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Re: HDD ATA Password question on Portege S100
Posted: 04-Jul-2007 13:11   in response to: Andrej in response to: Andrej
cheers for the advice guys. I've got the password but with all the tools I've tryed it wont let me access the drive? :( Maybe its time i gave up lol
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