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Error message NTLDR is missing - press ctrl alt del to restart
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Permlink Replies: 1 - Pages: 1 - Last Post: 19-Jun-2007 13:15 Last Post By: Jayjay

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Error message NTLDR is missing - press ctrl alt del to restart
Posted: 17-Jun-2007 21:21

I am extremely embarrassed to admit the following and ridiculously angry with myself for doing something as totally stupid as I did, but it is done now..sigh..

I have the NTLDR is missing - press ctrl alt del to restart nightmare error.

This is how it happened. I need(ed) to reformat my hard drive, but first I was going to back up everything. I back up every so often, though, now I know not near as often as I should!. (last back up was 5/21/07 sigh.) Well, not thinking, instead of backing up, I put the restore cd in the drive and the screen came up saying: "loading ramdisk" then I got to the next screen which basically was asking if I wanted to restore out of the box or not. I chose the first step in the wizard which said out of the box. Then I clicked NEXT and realized I had not backed up my files!! So I cancelled out of the restore cd wizard.

When I restarted the computer, I got the aforementioned nightmare error.

I have been researching for many, many hours on how to fix it or at least be able to boot into windows. I've done the following:

1. created a floppy boot disk with ntldr, ntdetect.com, and boot.ini on it to restore I have all but I don't know if the dates mean anything on the ones downloaded from another laptop

this did not work I still came up with the same error or some other errors one pointing to hal\something. i am not sure if it is my boot.ini that is causing the problem or what. Oh, by the way, I went into the BIOS and made sure that the computer booted up to FDD first when trying the floppy option.

boot loader

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Re: Error message NTLDR is missing - press ctrl alt del to restart
Posted: 19-Jun-2007 13:15   in response to: najanajanaja in response to: najanajanaja

It’s a very stupid and tricky situation.
The simplest solution would be the HDD formatting and new reinstallation of the OS.

But it seems you want to rescue all the files available on the HDD.
Hopefully it’s not too late…

Hmmm…. I think you’ve got only one chance!!! You have to remove the internal HDD from the notebook and try to connect it to second PC via external USB controller!!!!
Such part is not expensive and can be ordered from every notebook dealer.
You should be able to get the access to the HDD removed from notebook....

After this procedure the HDD should be formatted in NTFS and all partition should be erased!
Then you should try to start the installation procedure from the Windows or Recovery CD.

By the way; I have investigate a little bit in the Microsoft database and found these both documents:

Maybe some hints described in these documents could be useful.

Good luck
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