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Qosmio F10 Fan - where can I order one?
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Qosmio F10 Fan - where can I order one?
Posted: 08-Sep-2006 20:54

Does anyone know how I might find the part number of the non-CPU fan (I'm not sure if it's a GPU fan or what, it's the one more towards the centre on the laptop) for the Qosmio F10?

I found the part number of the CPU fan (P000388590) but that's a different size. Also is there anywhere in the UK I might be able to buy the replacement fan without having to send off my laptop? I can only find sites in the US that will sell the CPU fan to end-users so the same might be true of this fan.

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Re: Qosmio F10 Fan - where can I order one?
Posted: 11-Sep-2006 13:40   in response to: sfriedle in response to: sfriedle
You an order all compatible parts from the Toshiba service partner in your country.
I assume it’s also able to order the compatible fan.
The link to the page with ASP database worldwide was offered a lot of time here in the forum

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Re: Qosmio F10 Fan - where can I order one?
Posted: 13-Sep-2006 10:07   in response to: Markus77 in response to: Markus77

Part numbers are mostly internal information and it is not easy to find it. If you can find any laptop parts shop try to talk with them. They can help you.

By the way: I don’t know if disassembling on your own is good idea, especially if the warranty is still valid.
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