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Dynabook SS 1610 Drivers
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Dynabook SS 1610 Drivers
Posted: 06-Apr-2006 17:12
I have just acquired a Toshiba Dynabook SS 1610. It has a Linux OS currently installed, but would like to install Windows XP. However, if I do this I know that I would need to download drivers for the components as it did not come with any installation CDs. The English Toshiba websites do not have these drivers or notebooks on them, the only sites that have the relevent drivers are in Japanese.

Does anyone possibly know where I can get the relevent drivers for my dynabook?

Or could I sift through the Hardware Devices and download the drivers for each individual device?

I just don't want to end up with a Laptop which I can't use the Wireless, Ports.....etc.......

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Jack Black

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Re: Dynabook SS 1610 Drivers?
Posted: 06-Apr-2006 20:11   in response to: andymacstar in response to: andymacstar

The fact is that this Toshiba notebooks series was designed for the Japans market.
You will not find any drivers on the US, Canada or European Toshiba sites for this notebook model.
You can install the Windows and I assume that all common devisees should works properly. Usually the WLan card should support the Intel or Atheros drivers.

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Re: Dynabook SS 1610 Drivers?
Posted: 07-Apr-2006 10:46   in response to: Jack Black in response to: Jack Black

Use term “Dynabook” in advanced search option and you will find a few topics with the same question. Maybe you will find something useful.

Good luck!
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