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T3100e expand slot
pin Function need
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Registered: 04/11/04
T3100e expand slot: pin Function need
Posted: 04-Nov-2004 08:12
Who can show me the pin's function of T3100e expand slot?I need to make a control electronic device.
Mannerhagen Tom

Posts: 415
Registered: 22/09/04
Re: pin Function need
Posted: 04-Nov-2004 08:25   in response to: sunic in response to: sunic

If You're thinking about the Toshiba-specific slot, I'm sorry I can't help You. But if You're thinking about the ISA-looking slot, then You're probably in luck because it is in fact an ISA-slot and that pin-config should be widely available on the net. Try Googling for it.


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