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How to remove supervisor password on CT 100?
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This question is not answered.

Permlink Replies: 3 - Pages: 1 - Last Post: 11-Apr-2006 10:49 Last Post By: Daddy7

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How to remove supervisor password on CT 100?
Posted: 17-Mar-2006 10:18
I want to remove my supervisor password because i can´t remeber it. What i have to do??

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Re: remove supervisor password-ct100
Posted: 17-Mar-2006 10:39   in response to: zas.la in response to: zas.la

Unfortunately, I’m afraid the supervisor password can not be removed without to know the old password.
Only the Toshiba service can remover this password. In this case you should contact the service in you country

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Re: remove supervisor password-ct100
Posted: 29-Mar-2006 14:38   in response to: Gipsyman in response to: Gipsyman

I have found this Toshiba FAQ about the Supervisor Password with Toshiba Assist Utility.

This described how to set the password.
But unfortunately there is nothing about the removing. If you don’t know the old password it’s not possible to remove the supervisor password.

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Re: How to remove supervisor password on CT 100?
Posted: 11-Apr-2006 10:49   in response to: zas.la in response to: zas.la
You have to make a dongle for the parallel port. Here is to find how: http://www.amherst.co.uk/libgen.htm#23
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