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Portégé R830 - No wireless adaptor in Devices
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Portégé R830 - No wireless adaptor in Devices
Posted: 25-Mar-2012 14:46
Please can somebody help me connect my Portégé R830-13C (PT321E) to my adsl router via wi-fi?

There is no "Connect to wireless networks" option via "Set up new connection or network > Connect to the internet", presumably as I can see no wireless adaptors in Device Manager.

I have followed How to identify an unknown device (e.g. Wireless LAN module)? and found the below via "System Information > Components > Problem Devices":-

Network Controller PCI\VEN_*8086*&DEV_*0091*&SUBSYS_52018086&REV_34\4&18A673AE&0&00E2 The drivers for this device are not installed.

....and according to http://www.pcidatabase.com/ this is the Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6230 . However, I see no equivalent listed on Wireless LAN Driver Downloads, so now I'm stuck.

OS: Windows 7 Enterprise Version 64-bit 6.1.7601 SP 1 Build 7601 / Chipset: Intel Core i5-2520M

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Registered: 25/03/12
Re: No wireless adaptor in Devices
Posted: 25-Mar-2012 18:09   in response to: robbie_2 in response to: robbie_2
I figured it out, problem solved.

I downloaded and installed the missing drivers from the Intel website Drivers only download (ICS_Ds64.zip; v14.1.1, 06/06/2011), the wireless adaptor correctly displayed in Device Manager and the list of available wireless networks magically appeared by the Notifications Area. Happy days!

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Re: Portégé R830 - No wireless adaptor in Devices
Posted: 26-Mar-2012 07:34   in response to: robbie_2 in response to: robbie_2

Happy to hear problem is solved. Just for your info: drivers for WLAN cards can be downloaded from Toshiba WLAN portal - http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/wlan/
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