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Satellite 1130-z24
Hard Drive upgrade question
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Satellite 1130-z24: Hard Drive upgrade question
Posted: 13-Oct-2011 20:28
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I have a toshiba Satellite 1130-z24, which requires a new hard drive, the old one is a 20GB MK2108GAP but i would like to fit a larger capacity drive. What is the maximum size drive i can use without encountering compatibility problems?

Would any of the following drives work?

MK6034GAX 60GB
MK8026GAX 80GB
MK1032GAX 100GB

I have searched various forums and websites but the only information i can find is that the BIOS wont support drives over a certain size, but I cant find out how much this is.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Re: Satellite 1130-z24: Hard Drive upgrade question
Posted: 18-Oct-2011 09:06   in response to: Paddy6624 in response to: Paddy6624
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I think this oldie supports the IDE controller.

The IDE controller handles max 128GB HDD due to the 28bit LBA support.

So in your case I would recommend choosing an HDD which is not bigger than 120GB…
so theoretically the MK1032GAX 100GB should be compatible…
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