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How to get Microsoft Office trial product key?
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Permlink Replies: 2 - Pages: 1 - Last Post: 08-Sep-2010 19:34 Last Post By: HowardW

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How to get Microsoft Office trial product key?
Posted: 07-Sep-2010 21:38
I bought a satellite A660 with MS Office Home/student 60 trial already installed and I need to activate the trial by entering the product key. Where is the key?

I've checked the paperwork supplied with the laptop and it's not there (I only have a Quickstart sheet and a user manual, no office key info there). The Win7 key for the OS is on the machine, but nothing about the office key is on the laptop. Nothing on the box the laptop was shipped in either.

The quickstart info says I should start an Office app (or the trial launch icon) and "follow the instructions and download the online activation key". If I try this I'm prompted to enter the product key before I can do anything else. The help for this window doesn't really offer any clues.

I've searched the support/downloads for my specific laptop here, but can't find the office key. How do I get hold of my office trial activation key?!



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Re: How to get Microsoft Office trial product key?
Posted: 08-Sep-2010 10:51   in response to: HowardW in response to: HowardW
You are right. You got trial version and you can use it for free 60 days only. To do this you must pick up activation key when you are online.

If you want to use it as full version you must BUY licence and valid activation key.
You didn’t get Office for free.

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Re: How to get Microsoft Office trial product key?
Posted: 08-Sep-2010 19:34   in response to: Keany in response to: Keany
Yes, I understand that it's a trial only, as my question made clear.

I've since found how to get the trial activation key. After launching the trial (or starting any office app) I got a screen with 3 options for Office 2010 and 2 for Office 2007. My laptop has the Office 2007 trial installed, so I looked at these two options. One was "activate Office 2007 that is preinstalled on your laptop" which I had tried yesterday, the other was "try Office 2007". As I was looking for the activation key, I had tried the first option yesterday - but this is only intended for installations of the full product. It's the second link you need to get the trial activation key. Thankfully my wife spotted this difference which I had missed yesterday...

It would help to label the 2nd option a bit more clearly (e.g. get your 60-day trial activation key), but anyway it was basically my mistake, it's sorted now.

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