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Satellite A105-S4064 - CPU upgrade
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Permlink Replies: 4 - Pages: 1 - Last Post: 30-Jan-2009 07:25 Last Post By: Raver

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Satellite A105-S4064 - CPU upgrade
Posted: 11-Nov-2008 04:16

I have a Toshiba Satellite A105-S4064 Laptop and have a Single Core, I would like to upgrade the CPU on this laptop to a dual core and am not sure which is the highest model it will support can sum one please guide me to a CPU support list for this laptop or dose anyone know what is the highest dual core you can add on to it.


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Re: Satellite A105-S4064 - CPU upgrade
Posted: 11-Nov-2008 08:02   in response to: HEX in response to: HEX

Unfortunately such list doesn’t exist because Toshiba doesn’t support CPU upgrades, just replacement.
To read more about it please check this document - http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/FAQ7A01ZW0007R01.htm


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Re: Satellite A105-S4064 - CPU upgrade
Posted: 30-Jan-2009 05:33   in response to: Terentino in response to: Terentino
I know it can be replaced its not soldered on or anything just wanted to know if any one has changed it to a dual core and which if they have so I can go out and get one I'm leaning into a T2600 or T2700 not sure if any one has done it or not. and what there recommendations are.

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Re: Satellite A105-S4064 - CPU upgrade
Posted: 30-Jan-2009 05:51   in response to: HEX in response to: HEX
It's risky upgrading the CPU in laptops, they are very different to Desktops.
If you install an incompatible CPU, you could do damage to the system, or the system may overheat or run unstable due to thermal and power differences.

Have a look at the other A105 models and determine what the fastest CPU is in the range.
There is a good chance that the fastest CPU in that range will work in your laptop, assuming it has the same BIOS and Chipset.

To be sure, only look at the PSAA8U-xxxxxx models. Other models (such as PSAA5U) may not be able to share the same CPU's.

Also, you should get an ASP to install it for you. You could damage other components if you dismantle the laptop yourself.
If you want to risk dismantling the laptop yourself, do a google search, there are some guides online.
Remember that if the laptop is under warranty or under extended warranty, the warranty will be voided if you change internal components.


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Re: Satellite A105-S4064 - CPU upgrade
Posted: 30-Jan-2009 07:25   in response to: HEX in response to: HEX
The CPU can be exchanged of course but don’t forget that a new CPU costs a lot of and you will not get much more performance as yet.

Ask an ASP or notebook technician for help. Maybe the cooling assembly can’t cool the new CPU and so you can damage it.
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