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Satego X200 - can I use DDR2 800 MHz RAM Memory?
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Permlink Replies: 2 - Pages: 1 - Last Post: 04-Nov-2008 09:23 Last Post By: Green Orchid

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Satego X200 - can I use DDR2 800 MHz RAM Memory?
Posted: 20-May-2008 17:15
Hello folks,

Does anybody knows if my Satego X200-21U really suports DDR2 800 Memory? In the site of the shop that I bought my notebook, there's an option of installing 4096 MB DDR2 (2x2048) 800 MHz. Is that possible or just a scam or a mistake of the shop? What happens if it doesn\t support and I install anyway?


After the price, there's an "optionen" list, it's the 5th option.

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Re: Satego X200 - can I use DDR2 800 MHz RAM Memory?
Posted: 22-May-2008 08:34   in response to: gibawatts in response to: gibawatts
Well, I think it should work!

Last week Ibought some 4GB memory for my X200-21U from OCZ:
And in my notebook it works fine!!

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Green Orchid

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Re: Satego X200 - can I use DDR2 800 MHz RAM Memory?
Posted: 04-Nov-2008 09:23   in response to: RobertFurian in response to: RobertFurian
yeah it will work, but the speed will be reduced to 667mhz. This is the maximum, the chipset can handle.
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