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Restoring to Factory Settings on Equium A100-027
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Permlink Replies: 2 - Pages: 1 - Last Post: 01-Oct-2008 19:13 Last Post By: Amy_unique

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Restoring to Factory Settings on Equium A100-027
Posted: 01-Oct-2008 18:53
My laptop could really do with a reformat, but after trying several methods to restore it to the original factory settings, I'm having no luck.

I've tried Windows System Restore, pressing alt+F10 on startup, holding the 0 key when starting up...nothing seems to be working.

Also, I don't have the recovery disc that came with it.

I basically just want to wipe the laptop clean but be safe in the knowledge that Vista will re-install itself after the format.

I'd GREATLY appreciate it if anyone had any suggestions to this problem...it's getting in the way of my college work and I'm really in the dark at the minute :(

Many thanks

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Re: Restoring to Factory Settings on Equium A100-027
Posted: 01-Oct-2008 19:00   in response to: Amy_unique in response to: Amy_unique

If you want to restore the notebook back to the factory settings you will need to use the Toshiba recovery DVD.

The notebook was not equipped with the HDD Recovery option and therefore only the booting from the Toshiba recovery DVD would set it to the factory settings and would reinstall the Vista OS.

If you don’t have the Recovery DVD then you could order it from there:


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Re: Restoring to Factory Settings on Equium A100-027
Posted: 01-Oct-2008 19:13   in response to: Jeffrey in response to: Jeffrey
Thank you VERY much for replying so soon...

The only thing troubling me now is the £30 price tag for the recovery disc =\ but I guess it's a lot cheaper than a brand new Vista disc.

If you're sure the disc will work though, I'll go through with it.

Many many thanks, again.
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