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Toshiba HDD system recovery failure on Satellite L300D
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Toshiba HDD system recovery failure on Satellite L300D
Posted: 12-Sep-2008 03:31
I recently bought a new Satellite L300D and then promptly proceeded to get it infected with a virus.
I didn't have anything on the computer yet that I couldn't afford to lose, so rather than try and fix it I decided to recover the system to factory state.

I started the HDD recovery wizard and I think I interrupted it at the beginning of the process (because I needed to move the laptop and wouldn't be able to leave it plugged in to finish).

When I tried to start the process again I get an error shortly after beginning. The wizard starts by preparing partitions, and then gives me an error:
ERROR: F3-FF00-0020
An error has occured.
Please press OK to turn off the computer.

What's happening here? What are my options?


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Re: Toshiba HDD system recovery failure
Posted: 12-Sep-2008 03:49   in response to: tneedoba in response to: tneedoba
Bad memory could be the cause.

Download and run Memtest from a bootable floppy disk or CD. www.memtest.org
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