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How to find out the "manufacture date"?
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How to find out the "manufacture date"?
Posted: 18-Jun-2008 14:18

Can you tell me how to find out the manufacture date of my Satellite A110-334 with the serial "SY6224123K"?
I need this information for my insurance!

I found only this link for HDD`s: http://www.storage.toshiba.eu/index_manual.php?pid=220&sid=536&la=en

But there is no "S" on the first digit!??

So it is maybe "Y6" which can be November 2006! Is this right?

Thank you!

This is the information on the link above:

How to encode a Toshiba Hard Disk Drive Serial Number?
The Toshiba serial number (S/N) includes details of the date of manufacture. The first digit of the serial number indicates the Month of manufacture and the 2nd digit indicates the Year.

M Y x x x x x x x
M = Month
Y = Year

The month digit goes from 1, for January, through to 9, for September, and then X, Y and Z, for October, November and December.

2 8 1 7 0 0 0 1 A
2 = February
8 = 1998

3 0 5 4 4 3 0 6 T
3 = March
0 = 2000

X 9 D 7 8 3 3 1 T
X = October
9 = 1999

The remaining digits contain information about factory and production line, and some digits are reserved for a continuously running serial number.

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Re: How to find out the "manufacture date"?
Posted: 18-Jun-2008 14:45   in response to: BPlagens in response to: BPlagens

Try with http://gedb.toshiba.com/

Let me know if you find info you need.
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