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Question about Hidden Recovery Partition
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Permlink Replies: 2 - Pages: 1 - Last Post: 16-Jun-2008 14:18 Last Post By: Mike30

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Question about Hidden Recovery Partition
Posted: 13-Feb-2008 19:16
Hi Readers,

Bought Satellite Pro A200 last Nov. I have been looking for this so called hidden 1.5GB Hidden partition. I thought it would have shown in Disk Management.

I have booted up pressing F8 for Advanced Boot options as it states in the manual , the option to repair is not listed.
Has any other users experienced this? Although I do have the Recovery disk.


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Re: Question about Hidden Recovery Partition
Posted: 18-Feb-2008 09:38   in response to: davidjohn.d in response to: davidjohn.d
Hello David

To be honest I do not understand what you want. To make things clear: if your notebook is preinstalled with Vista OS this WinRE (Windows Recovery Environment) partition will be automatically created and this option is listed in “Disc Management”.

So what is your question now?

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Re: Question about Hidden Recovery Partition
Posted: 16-Jun-2008 14:18   in response to: davidjohn.d in response to: davidjohn.d

When your notebook starts press F8 and “Advanced Boot option” will be shown. Choose option “Repair your computer and follow the menu on the screen.
After two or three steps you will see “System Recover Options” . All you need is there.
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