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Satellite (Pro) C650 (D) - How to replace defective HDD?

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Announcement: Satellite (Pro) C650 (D) - How to replace defective HDD?
Posted By: Toshinformation
Created in: Forum: How to replace Hard Disc Drive (HDD )?
Posted: 18-Oct-2010 13:19
  • To avoid the risk of electrical shock, turn the computer off and remove the AC adapter from the electrical outlet.

  • Because the battery in the computer is left charged, the risk of electrical shock remains even after the AC adapter is removed from the electrical outlet. To avoid the risk of electrical shock, be sure to remove any metal jewelry or accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, and rings before starting work. Never work with damp or wet hands.

A] Removing the defective HDD

B] Attach the HDD frame

Toshiba Europe GmbH explicitly states that the right to replace or modify any component of a Toshiba notebook is exclusively reserved to Authorized Service Partners or in exceptional cases may also be performed by the owner of the notebook him/herself following the provided instructions sent by the Toshiba Call Centre with a special written repair authorization. Such an exceptional case will be determined by the Toshiba Call Centre only and applies to the specific notebook component for the replacement of which the customer will have been provided with a written instruction explicitly designed for this purpose. Replacing or modifying the notebook by a third party, i.e. neither by an Authorized Service Partner nor by the customer him/herself after receiving a specific and written permission to do so by Toshiba results in the expiration of the notebook’s warranty. Any trademarks used herein belong to their respective owners.

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